Aqua life

Anyone seems to like pets in my opinion.why!! coz some says they are "kawaii"!!,some says they could release tension..personally I just love to see them not to take of any .just couldn't handle the "maintainance" .sort of lazy..anywhe if the pets are taking good care of wit right niat the result should be good I think. Now at least in there are 5 aquarium by total in Tokushima .but unfortunately 1 have broke down.. 1 is being keep by my these are some shots of it I want to share wit..

aquarium syami

aquarium syami 4

aquarium syami 5

aquarium syami 2

aquarium syami 6
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thing you shouldn't have done

something dis cute ......

I have a good news and a bad news .The good news is that my final exam is over n its holiday now for nearly 1month n a half .The bad news is that I accidentally had burned my 1 and only hset .What a disaster. It happen early in the morning when I was on my way going to take my shower before going to lecture. My room was pitch-black on dat time and I turned on my heater without noticing my hset was lying on it there.
Thus the result as seen on these picture how on my hset looks like now.
nobody to blame coz its 100 percent of me being "cemekap" on dat time.
haiiiiih...dh nasib kan :(
time could never turned back as there are no Doraemon around..HA...
but somehow i managed to rescue it before it blacks out ...
Thought I should change for a new one dis spring .what a waste!

The heater(mine is the old-type one)

could became like dis .....!

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